Admission & Registration

Deadline for receipt of application forms of exchange students by the International Relations Office of Artois University is :

May 31st - if you intend to come for the first semester or the whole year
October 31st- if you intend to come for the second semester only.

If your application arrives late you cannot be guaranteed access to accommodation approved by the International Relations Office, nor a personalized welcome.

Recommended level of French language (for exchange students)

The majority of courses offered at Artois University are given in French, although there are a certain number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with English options. A good level of understanding of the French language is therefore necessary in the majority of cases.

The level in French language required to study at Artois University, for students coming in the framework of a Cooperation or Eramsus+ agreement signed between Artois University and the home institution of the student, varies according to the study programme and the agreement signed. Generally, the required level corresponds to B1 or B2 level (according to the study programme) in reference to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Please prepare your application with your home institution: you will be required to supply a document provided by your university to attest to your level in French language.

Specific Administrative Requirements for Foreign Students on an Exchange Program

This procedure is compulsory. To register and obtain your student card you must :

  • Fill in a registration form on the university reception day (early September or early January, according to your specific case)
  • Subscribe to the French Social Security System for students (for further information click here). This is compulsory if you are a student under 28 years old and a citizen from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland. (Cost for 2013-2014: 211 euros).

Students from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are over the age of 28 can apply for the CMU (a French social welfare program which reimburses medical expenses through the social security system to all those who legally reside in France for more than 3 months).

Students from the European Economic Area or Switzerland must be in possession of the European Health Insurance Card valid for the entire duration of their stay in France. If they do not have this card, they will be required to adhere to the French Social Security System for Students.

Provide a third-party liability insurance certificate that will cover you at all times during your stay. You may purchase such insurance either in your home country or upon arrival in France. This will cost less than 30 euros for the academic year. We also recommend that you contract personal accident insurance (which guarantees the payment of benefits in case of an accident that might lead to death, disabling or incapacitating conditions, and repatriation insurance).

Your contact :

International Relations Office - Service des Relations Internationales
9 rue du Temple - BP 10 665
62 030 Arras Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)3 21 60 38 96

Reception of Incoming Exchange Students - Accueil Etudiants Etrangers d'Echange

Ms Betty Paul
Phone: +33 (0)3 21 60 38 68


Specific Requirements for Foreign Students on an Exchange Program

During your reception day at Artois University, the International Relations Office (SRI) will provide you with as much information as possible concerning the reception hours or appointment times of the departmental coordinators (International Relations Coordinators) of each faculty or academic institution, so that you can arrange to meet them and decide upon your subject choices (in line with the learning agreement and Artois University's teaching policies).

At the beginning of each semester you will begin attending courses and decide upon your final subject choices.

Your course registration will be recorded on a form (fiche pédagogique) provided by the International Relations Office on arrival.

This form is an Artois University document only and will be used to record your course marks.
On no account will it replace the learning agreement or any eventual modifications to that document.