The Faculty of Foreign Languages

The Faculty of Foreign Languages has a student population of approximately one thousand students which represents around 25% of the students on the Arras campus.

There are two departments within the Faculty :

  • Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture (LCE)
  • Foreign Languages and Business (LEA)

Each department offers three specialisations – German, English and Spanish for LCE, and English along with either German, Spanish or Chinese, for LEA. In accordance with the European LMD system (Bachelor/Master/Doctorate), the Faculty offers a full range of subjects at all three levels, with the Bachelor’s degree awarded after three years, the Master’s degree after five years, and the Doctorate after eight years. It is also possible to prepare for the CAPES (competitive Teaching examination) in English or Spanish.

A convivial atmosphere is fostered by a limited number of lectures and classes of manageable size. Year One students are assigned a tutor who is responsible for twenty students. The transition between school and university is facilitated by coaching in methodology, and communication, whilst young students are ushered towards greater autonomy through assistance in documentary research and language learning.

A considerable number of events and trips are organized by various student associations – language stays in China, Spain and the USA; the Chinese New Year in Paris; etc. Moreover, each student in the Faculty can, in the course of his or her studies, spend either one semester or a full year attending a foreign university which is a partner of Artois University, whilst at the same time validating the relevant component of his/ her degree.

The teaching and administrative staff of the Faculty of Foreign Languages will help you to succeed in your studies and build your career pathway. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information related to any point you have discovered on the University web-site.

Languages offered at degree level (LCE) :

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

 A variety of combinations are possible especially with French as a Foreign Language (FLE) – see website in French.

 The same majors, plus German, can be taken applied to Business Studies (LEA).

Master’s Degrees

The following Master’s degrees are also available :

  • Languages and Intercultural Management (all subjects in this degree are taught 100% in English)
  • Teaching Profession (specializing in either English, Spanish or Chinese
  • Literature and Culture (specializing in English, German, Spanish or Chinese)
  • Chinese as a Foreign Language/ Chinese as a Second Language (primary and secondary schools).