The Lens Campus

Welcome to the Lens Campus

Lens has at present a population of about 35,000 inhabitants and was the centre of the mining industry which has largely disappeared today. It is a town which has paid a large tribute to war and underwent enormous rebuilding between the world wars. It is now a developing centre which is home to the very attractive Louvres-Lens Museum (opened in 2012) which is proving to be one of the most popular tourist sites in France and is contributing enormously to revitalizing the local economy.

The town of Lens is home to the Jean Perrin Faculty of Science and the University Institute of Technology.


The Jean Perrin Faculty of Science

The Jean Perrin Faculty of Science is about five minutes on foot from the centre of Lens and ten minutes from the railway station. It is located in the impressive former headquarters of the coal mines and is surrounded by a very attractive garden à la française. The Faculty has recently taken possession of a block of nine, totally refurbished and spacious, flats known as La Mason des Gardes, which will provide accommodation for a number of foreign Ph.D students.

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