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Welcome to the Lens Campus

Lens has at present a population of about 35,000 inhabitants and was the centre of the mining industry which has largely disappeared today. It is a town which has paid a large tribute to war and underwent enormous rebuilding between the world wars. It is now a developing centre which is home to the very attractive Louvres-Lens Museum (opened in 2012) which is proving to be one of the most popular tourist sites in France and is contributing enormously to revitalizing the local economy.

The town of Lens is home to the Jean Perrin Faculty of Science and the University Institute of Technology.


The Jean Perrin Faculty of Science

The Jean Perrin Faculty of Science is about five minutes on foot from the centre of Lens and ten minutes from the railway station. It is located in the impressive former headquarters of the coal mines and is surrounded by a very attractive garden à la française. The Faculty has recently taken possession of a block of nine, totally refurbished and spacious, flats known as La Mason des Gardes, which will provide accommodation for a number of foreign Ph.D students.

The Faculty is situated in a very pleasant environment which makes it easy for staff and students to get to know one another. Students receive tuition to prepare them for degrees within the European higher education system (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate).

The Faculty is composed of three main departments :

  • Mathematics and IT
  • The Science of Matter
  • Natural and Life Sciences

For the various degrees on offer, the Faculty attracts applications from holders of the Science Baccalaureat (equivalent to A Levels); DUT or BTS graduates and CPGE students (holders of a foundation degree which reflects two years of study in preparation for the competitive entrance exam to the very selective Grande Ecole system) who are motivated by a degree in the science and technology sector. Prospective students have a choice of three degrees in science and technology; three vocational subjects; and eleven Master’s qualifications (two of which are research based; three vocational; and six related to the teaching of specific science subjects.

All of the Faculty’s teaching degrees are related to relevant research laboratories of which there are four :

- The CRIL or Lens Research Laboratory for Computing (affiliated to the National Research Body, CNRS.
This research centre has more than 60 members of whom 28 are lecturers or tenured researchers and is based between the Faculty of Science and the University Institute of Technology in Lens. The CRIL is of medium size and specializes in artificial intelligence, which makes it quite unique in France. The centre has built up an international reputation in its field and has an exceptional output both in quantity and quality which is accompanied by the vigorous and joint production of software. The main lines of investigation are in the representation of knowledge and reasoning, along with the development of algorithms for inference and constraint models.

- The LBHE or Laboratory for Blood-Brain Barrier Pathophysiology
The focus of research of the LBHE is to explore the mechanisms of permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) under physiological conditions and changes in permeability in pathological conditions. Nanotechnology, proteomic analysis techniques and the development of in vitro models of the BBB are all part of work carried out on the role of the BBB in neurovascular protection, vascular parameters and the hypercholesterolemia of Alzheimer’s, drug toxicology of the neurovascular unit and neurotoxicity. This research is made available to schools and members of the general public.

- The LML or the Lens Mathematics Laboratory
The Lens Mathematics Laboratory is part of the Mathematics Research Federation of Northern France. It pursues several research paths: algebra, functional analysis, the didactics of mathematics and geometry.

- The UCCS Artois or the Unit of Catalysis and Solid Chemistry
Research at UCCS Artois covers two main domains: Green Chemistry and the Environment and Nanomaterials used in Photonics. Two teams of researchers work on these, one dedicated to Supramolecular Catalysis and the other to Nanomaterials and Fine Layers. The former focusses on molecular receptor properties such as cyclodextrins to explore catalytic reactions in acqueous environments, CO2 highly critical or gaseous environments. The latter study fine layer ferroelectrics, nanoparticles scattered through liquid crystals and associated phenomena in electromagnetic propagation. This work involves synthesis, nanometric characterization and design.


The University Institute of Technology in Lens (UIT)

UIT Lens is set on 4,5 acres of land, not far from the city centre, near both the main football stadium (Stade Bollaert) and the Louvres-Lens Museum.

Each year, the UIT welcomes around 1,200 students split into five main subjects :

  • International Trade
  • Management
  • Computing
  • Digital Media
  • Health Services

Degree Choice :

The UIT awards 4 DUT’s (or University Diplomas in Technology)
8 vocational Bachelor degrees (Licence Professionelle)
8 Artois University Diplomas

These degrees are in line with the European Bachelor/ Master/ Doctoral system and enable students to go on to obtain one of the two higher / research degrees.

These degrees can be obtained through following courses as regular students; or through sandwich courses shared between the UIT and work placements as an apprentice having employee status; or through further education courses open to job-seekers or employees.

Some important figures : The UIT in Lens is…

  • 1,200 students
  • 66 permanent teaching staff
  • 14 administrative and technical staff
  • 200 part-time staff and outside lecturers from the business or industrial world
  • 9,600 square metres of buildings
  • 700 pcs
  • 4 language labs
  • 1 multimedia room
  • 1 film set

A little bit of history…

1986 – Creation of the UIT, attached to Lille 2 University

1987 – Opening of the on-going education department

1988 – Inauguration of the premises in Lens

1990 – Opening of the Department of Business and Administration Management

1993 – The UIT becomes part of Artois University

1993 – Opening of the IT department

2002 – Creation of the Department of Communication Services and Networks

2007 – Creation of Apprenticeship diplomas


To contact us :

IUT Lens
Rue de l’Université – SP16
LENS  62307 Cedex

Tel. 03 21 79 32 32





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