The Faculty of Economics, Management, Administration and Social Sciences

Studying at EGASS

The Faculty prepares students for their future career and monitors them closely from Year One of undergraduate studies, through to their end of their postgraduate studies. The student attends preparatory modules in year one and two as well as personal development workshops during their Master’s degree. An internship is possible from year one onwards but becomes compulsory in year three and during the Master’s degree. It is also possible to do sandwich courses alternating between the workplace and university (one week in a company and the next following classes).
As an undergraduate, the student is brought progressively to specialize in his future subject whilst, at the same time, the possibility to choose a different pathway remains open. Within the context of his career pathway, and given that the students are from very diverse backgrounds, existing gaps in the student’s knowledge are progressively eliminated (this is particularly the case of first year studies). It is also possible during this first year to move between the two main specialisations on offer or to focus on law, if the students are in the AES section (Economic and Social Administration). The chosen specialization is developed from year two.
AES has two pathways – ‘Civil Service’ and ‘Management’. The latter also applies to SEG students, who also have two additional choices - ‘Business Schools’ and ‘Quantative Economics’. Two options given at undergraduate level serve as preparation for the relevant Master’s degrees.
The Faculty offers seven vocational Master’s degrees alternating between work and university and covering the complete field of Management. There are many lecturers who come directly from the business sector and bring their practical expertise to the student. The Faculty has a Development Board with representatives from the different sectors of industry and they provide precious advice on the degrees available. Members from the different sectors of industry advise upon such matters as student integration and internships. Valuable ‘Job Dating’ sessions are held at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Master’s degrees offered by the Faculty are:

  • Business Studies
  • Sales and Merchandising
  • Human Resources Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Health and Social Welfare
  • The Creation of SMBs
  • Territorial Development
  • Environmental Planning
  • and The Teaching Profession.


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