Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities which was the first faculty to be established at Artois University and is situated within easy walking distance of the historical town centre of Arras. You may even borrow a bicycle from the university in order to explore the town.
The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has more than a thousand students, ranging from first year undergraduate students to Ph.D candidates, and includes many foreign students from the Erasmus programme and bilateral exchange agreements. In conjunction with the International Relations Service, the Faculty offers evening classes open to everyone so that foreign students may quickly improve their French language skills.
The University has a strong tradition of training future teachers, lawyers and researchers and this is complemented by a vast array of vocational subjects on offer.
When you choose this Faculty, you opt for a unique combination of methodology and research within the wide choice of degrees and you are consequently prepared for your future employment.
You are taught by specialized teams of lecturers, researchers and business professionals who transfer their knowledge and experience and teach you from the very outset to be intellectually inquisitive and develop an innovative spirit of entrepreneurship.
These specialists strive to multiply a student’s skills and prepare him to be more autonomous within the ‘Success at Degree Level’ scheme.
The Faculty is currently composed of two departments - Modern Humanities and Performing Arts - and these departments are both closely linked to a relevant research centre, either Texts and Cultures or Grammatica.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities prepares students for the following degrees :


  • B.A. (Licence) in Humanities (French and Comparative Literatures and French Language) leading to a choice of career paths in Year Two (teaching, digital culture, or library studies)
  • B.A. (Licence) in the Performing Arts – with practical courses in theatre, puppetry, dancing, lighting and sound engineering.
  • B.A. (Licence) Joint Degree in Humanities, History and Law (there is a special selection procedure for this degree).


  • M.A. degree in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language
  • M.A. in Literature and French Linguistics
  • M.A. in the Performing Arts

On-line degrees

  • M.A. degree in The Creative Work, Authors and Cultures
  • M.A. in the Literature of Childhood and Youth
  • M.A. in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Langue

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is situated in a very pleasant campus environment where the student is closely supervised during his or her entire course of studies, through the use of methodology and new technologies as well as the individual help of a tutor.

A graduation ceremony is held each year in the prestigious Arras theatre with which the Faculty enjoys a privileged relationship.

Université d'Artois - 9, rue du Temple - BP 10665 - 62030 ARRAS CEDEX - France - Tél : +33 (0)3 21 60 37 00